Presents under $50 #1

For the rest of december, we'll feature great presents to get from etsy for under $50.
Be a part of the pledge to buy handmade this holiday season.

I stumbled upon karen hilton designs and couldn't be more delighted about it. she makes beautiful pillows and bags. either would make a great gift for someone on your list.

pillows for a cat or dog lover:

or go for something just as fabulous, and a little more discreet:

my niece would love that butterfly pillow in her room.

her pillows range from $36 - $50, which is not bad for these amazing handmade pillows.



Great gift wrap can elevate any gift to something exraordinary.
I love finding unique paper and teaming it up with an unexpected ribbon color.
ErinRuth is an amazing source for said team. Her designs are elegent and modern, a perfect addition to any of your gifts this time of year.

I love her modern houndstooth paper. It's so edgy, yet classic.

Or you could go for something more understated:

great ribbon will make or break it. Try a color that's more unexpected. This green goes with more than you might realize. Think teal, red, gold, or even orange.


One of the many great vintage shops that etsy has to offer. I am particularly fond of their shoes and boots.

I just picked these up for myself. I've been looking for these forever. only $49 bucks!

Also check out their dresses and bags

here are my favorites:


by M

Michelle, the creator of M, is a dear friend of mine.
She's always been so creative, and her new line on Etsy is a great showcase for her.
Check out her beautiful picture frames:

I love her color combinations. They are a really cute way to spruce up a corner of a room.

She also makes jewelry. Her pieces are delicate and suprising. I love all of them.
Here are some earrings:

and one of my favorite necklaces of all time!


Susy Jack

Back from vacation and ready to blog, I fell in love with these journals from Susy Jack. Her patterns and color choices are beautiful. There is just such a great aesthetic to her work.

Also make sure to see her cards, tags ,and craft supplies!


Kids Capes!

Superfly Kidz does some awesome capes.
My brother and I used to have a cape that was batman on one side and superman on the other. Years later, my nephews still wear and love those capes.
They do all sorts of designs, here is one of them.

Their prices are fantastic, too. Be sure to check out her shop


Contrary Jewelry

Mary Andrews, who lives in Brooklyn, created this amazing line of vintage-inspired jewelry. It has done fantastic in my store, and she has been so great to work with. Check back often, because she is always creating new stuff.
For instance, this amazing necklace,

these beautiful earrings

she also does fantastic bracelets like this one,

Be sure to check out her fine art works as well, pretty amazing stuff



Imagine these great coasters sitting under a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. On sale, too. Can't beat that.

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